Not a Hero #05 — Capitalism

November 1st, 2013


It’s a good thing Japan doesn’t have Black Friday because apparently that would blow their minds.


Yeesh. I’m sure there’s more than a little cultural disconnect here, but "Walmart opens a store" is really going to be an entire arc? One that required ten minutes just to set up? And even more just to explain what Walmart is? And part of the moral lesson here is that Walmart is bad because there aren’t clerks wandering the halls just in case there are imbeciles having trouble reading maps? It’s certainly a juxtaposition compared to the last, uh… century… of American media and the cliche of the obnoxious hovering salespeople. And of course, the obligatory opening day pop band concert, because everybody knows nothing attracts spenders to a superstore like advertising that the Jonas Brothers will be there.

This also unfortunately broke the trend to date of the odd numbered episodes having any kind of effort put into them. Granted, I think this episode probably had a lot fewer cases of pudding-face than the more actiony ones, but I guess you’re not straining the animators very much when the most action packed thing is some people slowly filing into a store. And, uh… that’s about it. What more is there to say? Big chains are eeeevil and don’t care! Not like us small chains in malls which are small and therefore not a big chain. See? That already proves that we’re not evil.

Look forward to more of this enthralling multi-episode arc next week!

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