Kill La Kill #08 — Car Man

November 21st, 2013


With all the powers of a car.


I feel like the writers were very lazy this week, or far more than usual. Which isn’t the same as Valvrave’s bizarre flailing, but still, I failed to see the point of much of this episode, especially when it came to bizarrely placed flashbacks, but there was even an entire little sequence of "I thought there’d be something here, but there wasn’t. Oh well." I’m trying to think of what the point of either of them was and I’m coming up completely blank. Especially the second one. I’m not even sure how he got "become a masochist" from the little quasi-moral speech about having resolve, taught through thinly veiled hypocrisy. Maybe it’s a yogi thing. Ryuko’s was most certainly a case of better left to the imagination too rather than something with wailing background music ending in an explosion. Anime teaches us that anybody who dies in an explosion isn’t really dead. What ever happened to that one guy from the secret society or whatever anyway?

Also on the list of things I don’t understand the point of was… well… the entire ‘plot’ of the episode, which is apparently leading to the conclusion of… Ryuko fighting the bad guys? So… the sum total of the thing they spent probably 5 minutes of the episode just explaining was giving an excuse for people ‘dressed’ like cars to attack someone who basically masturbated to it. I feel like the time could have been better spent. At least the newbie driver mark proudly displayed on his tricked out car made me chuckle. If you need a western equivilent, it’s kind of like having one of those "Student Driver" cones on top of a hot rod. OTHER CULTURES!

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  • V1cious says:

    I don’t see how you you don’t understand what’s going on, when they pretty much explained it in detail at the end of the last episode.