Infinite Stratos #22 — Wondering About Tatenashi’s Vibrators

November 28th, 2013


Enough of the episode was too stupid to engender any greater thoughts than that.


See, when the insecure girl was in danger, she cried out for Ichika to save her because she caaaares after all. And when Ichika was in danger, she realized she caaares after all. And when her sister was in danger, she realized she caaaares after all. Repetition! Okay, so then things took a left turn into Bananaville when she got sucked into a pocket space universe where she had a life affirming conversation with the two of them for a good four minutes… and that was after a minute of internal introspective self-narration in the middle of the fight. Also, Ichika received the power up handshake of companionship from Houki, with extra glow.

At least it beats the undoubtedly awful tournament I expected we’d be in for, and as horrendous as the writing and worse character it was centered on was, was one of the better and more action packed episodes for this show this season. Not exactly a high bar to clear, I’m aware, but at least they put some effort into it. Well, the action I mean. Besides the pocket universe. And character. And CGI rendered not quite right. And again, the horrid character. You know what, let’s just leave it at "could’ve been a whole lot worse." But you know it was a momentous episode because now she’s part of the ED and therefore officially inducted into the Sexual Frustration Harem. Somehow Tatenashi’s still not though. All I can assume is that she has a vibrator that she uses to take care of herself. Let’s call it Big Blue.

Next Episode:

A cooking episode. Great.

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  • Chen says:

    A cooking episode. Great.

    Finally! It’s about time for my girl to shine!