Infinite Stratos #21 — Moist Crotches

November 21st, 2013


Someone shoot one or all of them.


Couldn’t we be fighting the antagonists? Or acknowledging their existence? You’d think assassins wandering onto a campus full of what are basically WMDs would elicit more of a reaction. Alas, we are instead going with this girl in what is apparently going to be an entire multi-episode arc. Boy, do I hope it lasts an entire month! By halfway through this episode, she was already all blushes and damp noises as her nether regions flooded themselves from simply being near Dumbface because she’s never felt these maidenly feelings before.

But wait! She caught him with with his arm in someone else’s muffins and now her crotch is on the floor. A completely new and unexpected event! And now she’s insecure(r) and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Which is, if I recall correctly, pretty much how Houki’s ending ‘arc’ went the first season, but this time the girl has glasses, is extra insecure, and there’s no enemy robots so the only antagonist is female sexual frustration. Once again, a dildo could save the day.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    And you could be watching better shows instead. Like the cop beheading Gorilla.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Hey, watch Coppelion. Recent episode features Ibara (The protagonist) huracaranaing a guy in a gas mask. WHILE WEARING BLOOMERS.


  • jingoi says:

    wish it was possible to kill denseman.

  • david says:

    Ichika seems like a siscon. So they all lose.