Infinite Stratos #20 — Delving Deep Into Wasting Time

November 14th, 2013


Even for this show, this episode was kind of horrendous.


What the nine hells was this even supposed to be? I can’t even make fun of this for being bad. It was too goddamned boring. And trite. And I say this about a show that often attempts to thrive on trite. They weren’t even trying for the T&A either. I don’t know what the hell they thought was supposed to make this episode watchable. From the very start and very end, you might think it was about introducing a new girl, as if we’re not already full up on bitches to the point where they frequently just forget about one or two for weeks at a time, but the twenty minutes sandwiched between it had jack-all to do with anything whatsoever and could have just as easily been replaced by clips from the first season. …Maybe they were. 

Anyway, Dumbass and Dumbette model for some photos, blush from having to be near each other *gasp*, twist an ankle and have to be carried, etc. Whatever. Same as 95% of high heels in anime. And I feel like we’ve already been through this exact sequence of events at least half a dozen times. Then, after a brief aside to focus on the most boring side of drug abuse, doing nothing, the second half was just sort of cycling through the rest in other equally awful scenes. Squabbling over feeding him lunch, Laura misusing words, passive aggressiveness in the locker room, etc, leading into perhaps the most painful part of the episode, knowing that next week’s is going to be titled "Open Your Heart." Maybe I’ll play a drinking game during Valvrave to get myself psyched up for it.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • dororoninpo18 says:

    you’d think she wouldve learned from multiple anime to not wear heels

  • algorithm says:

    “Even for this show, this episode was kind of horrendous.”

    Considering the crapload of Houki caps I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Fate says:

    The new quiet girl is of course bland and boring. He will show her the power of friendship and she will be added to the harem. Another character introduction late in the season for a bad character.