Freezing #21 — The Courtship Dance of the Blonde European Bisexuals

November 29th, 2013


European in name at any rate.


For all means and purposes, this was yet another setup episode despite the rebellion already supposedly being in progress. I guess you could make an argument that the ‘meat’ was supposed to be Green vs Blue since that’s where they left off last week, but that’s stretching things a little far. They didn’t even square off until halfway through the episode, and even then it was another three minutes before the show got back to them and it only lasted about two minutes (without even bothering to finish it) before it was back to the A Team and time to set up another fight for next week, which means that the total progress this week was the group moving around 50 feet and swapping out a couple characters before ending in the exact same way, but it a slightly different location.

Granted, they showed a little effort in the start of that fight for the first time in forever, instead of just the corny teleports and yelling adding increasingly strange adjectives as they shout about them, but we went back to that quickly enough. It was simply an awkward 15 seconds or so of them looking like they might try for once this season. They should also be springing for a better quality of alien steroids too, because these don’t seem to be helping very much.

Next Episode:

Apparently we’ll be seeing this episode for a third time.

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