Freezing #20 — Winter Jogging Atire

November 22nd, 2013


Admittedly, she wasn’t trying very hard to exercise anything but her mouth.


Talking heads talking. You know how I love that. I’m pretty sure they realized how boring the episode was too, or maybe they just thought that with Liz out, they needed to toss in a few extra shower scenes of them rubbing themselves and/or women giving meandering nonsensical speeches in the middle of a blizzard in bikinis. Not even a sports bra for jogging, but a full bikini. Granted, the other two weren’t exactly dressed to jog either, so it’s probably likely that someone just grabbed the wrong background. And characters. And dialogue.

Eventually, they did get to the E-Pans actually making it to the plot point specified in the episode’s title and juicing themselves on magic steroids, but that was with about two minutes left in the episode when it was obvious that all we were going to be doing this week was posing and preening for next week. They didn’t even bother to try to make the roided up ones seem any stronger either, especially not Amelia who immediately got one-shot after her ‘power-up.’ 

Next Episode:


Get back in the kitchen, Kazuya.

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