Freezing #19 — Battered Wife Syndrome

November 15th, 2013


I don’t think this is how the story’s supposed to go.


I’m a little unclear as to what the moral of this arc is supposed to be, although I think I’m more insulted by how long it took the XYs to remember that they have magic powers too. And their commitment to Kazuya being completely useless is almost bordering on fanatical. Ye lords. So much for any hope that this was meant to be his chance to do bloody anything. He may as well not have even shown up.

But anyway, this kind of chronic, traumatizing abuse, sexual or otherwise, is a bit much to just shrug off as "he was just saaaaaaad" and go jetting off again while he gets a happily ever after with some other girl he also abused and almost certainly raped. Isn’t that what every woman dreams of? It’s okay if you’re abused as long as he says he’s sorry and that he loves you later. Stand by your man no matter what he does to you, and one day, the abuse will turn to true love. A fairy tale ending for the ages. At least this horrid arc is over.

Next Episode:

Holy goats, man. This fish. This fish, man.

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