Freezing #17 — Demonstration NOT STOP

November 1st, 2013


They must be watching CNN.


Yawn. Neither parts of this episode had anything going on unless you’re into electrical torture, which still leave’s Bridg’s half (well, third really), being almost entirely watching them in transit. That’s right. Someone decided that watching people wait in the airport or go on a car ride would be a worthy interlude. Apparently those little pinpricks at the end of last episode are enough to knock her into a wheelchair along with an all expenses paid tropical vacation home to hang out with her sexually abusive family. Everyone’s a winner!

Liz took up most of the episode but really wasn’t too much more interesting. When you have a bunch of magic characters with magic powers fighting magic aliens, the solution suggested to problems is to use those things. That’s why the show’s not titled Wikileaks. And yes, speaking of which, there was the obligatory leaking during the torture, complete with closeup of her crotch. This was apparently something they felt people wanted to see. I mainly wonder why they kept obscuring her ass in the distance shots of it. Not the close ones, mind you. Just the distance. What’s going on there that they can’t show us…

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  • Anonymous says:

    they are gonna do the siblings arc and alaska at the same time? what are they thinking?