Couldn’t Boff a Hero #09 — Budget Friendly Backgrounds

November 29th, 2013


We all know this is going nowhere, so why are we bothering?


Pretty much just a date episode with no greater effort or ambition than "Put Phino against a bunch of flowery backgrounds" and/or "Draw stars in her eyes," or the absolute highlight of their creativity, "stick her in a fetishistic dress." At least it’s not about air conditioners, although other things were certainly bad enough to make me wish it still was. I particularly liked the car that almost flattened her when she went walking around a crowded marketplace. They weren’t even on a road. There was just a car going thirty through the middle of an market.

Sadly, the other 99% of the episode was significantly less exciting stupid, and just an exercise in wasting time, not trying to be funny, not trying to advance anything in the already stretched to the breaking point Walmart plot, just relying on the mistaken assumption that yet another episode of the same thing without even the variety of brainless females would be even better. Oh, and the awful cliffhanger signaling the beginning of insecurity time, which you know I’m looking forward to!  

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