Couldn’t Be a Hero #06 — And Nobody Gets Dental

November 8th, 2013


This is past comically evil and starting to make me sad.


Is this show trying to have some kind of competition with Valvrave for most ridiculous antagonists? That has military equip run on the brains of comatose teenagers, and this one has not only has Walmart encouraging its employees to whore themselves out, but domesticating cute ‘monsters’ solely so they can work them to death and then carting their corpses off in a damned trolly. They probably grind them up to make lipstick for dogs after that just because they can. You’d think simply revealing that and letting this public opinion they claimed would turn against them take its course would be the way to go, or maybe they could at least think up some horrendous excuse for nobody caring, but no. They don’t even try. One particularly stupid platitude of "People don’t care as long as its cheap" and off we go to repeat the same things for the last third of the episode as last week. I don’t even know why they’d bother with all the little things like "big stores are bad with customer service and stuff." You’d think being slaving murderers (and in all likelyhood racketeers) would be sufficient, but no. It’s their poor customer service that we’re going to focus on.

And maybe we should decide which track we want to run with, "people are brainless sheep," or "people love our customer service." Even simply decide whether customers molesting the employees is just harmless fun, or the sign of a rotten company gone bad. Because, you know, the hypocrisy here is very obviously completely lost on them as they tackle Walmart with nothing but seriousness in what appears to be an arc so stretched out that it may very well last until the end of the season. Let’s at least fight a slime monster or two again here, guys. Lord knows this sure as hell isn’t going anywhere intelligent or amusing.

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  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure the fact that it’s serious business indeed is part of the joke.