October 7th, 2013


And yet all the harm that befell him was completely his fault.


I think that I’m about sports-ed out for the season, especially considering this one’s way of standing out from all the others is to have a screaming otaku protagonist who won’t shut up about it and is incapable of holding a conversation with anybody without screaming at some point. He’s also invulnerable to all damage, which maybe could be played off for laughs if they weren’t trying to also be broadly realistic about biking. Go big or don’t try. Don’t mix. Don’t try to mix slapstick with the serious guy seriously feeling serious rivalry over the joke character.

I did chuckle a bit at A.) Just how pointy Protagonist B’s chin is and how the biking club in general looks exactly like a bunch of rapists. Their introduction also may have been the most obtrusive and godawful abuse of infodumping and panning over a still this entire season, which is saying something, although I did skip Kuroko’s episode back, so maybe that had basketball power levels again that could have trumped it. The rotoscoping and CG were also kind of hilariously awful. That’s about all it has going for it on the production side and even that’s not actually good, just something that stands out.

Anywho, characters did nothing but annoyed me, it didn’t make me laugh, is not blending its ‘humor’ with the rest well anyway, and is pretty low on the production end. Let’s just move on and forget about it. 

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  • wan says:

    I’m not a fan of how different the MC looks compared to most of the other riders but I’ll probably continue with it for now since cycling is the only sport I know something about other than cricket.