Valvrave #16 — Midi-chlorians

October 31st, 2013


It worked so well for Star Wars after all.


How very Neverending Story of them. Well, the horrible, horrible sequel. And I think perhaps the original book. Except instead of being a metaphor for emptiness or something, memories are apparently a physical thing that can be used to power robots. Except that somewhere along the way, they forgot that there’s a gigantic difference between the evidence of absence and the absence of evidence. Also, there’s no dog dragon. On another bit of a tangent, it kind of reminds me of all those Bioware RPGs where the shocking twist halfway through wasn’t that you’re just some guy, but secretly an amnesiatic dark god and all that stuff with you hanging out with regular guys in a regular ship doing seemingly regular things was just… I don’t know. You got lost on the way to a bake sale or something.

Anyway, here we have characters who have been flying these things damn near daily with no ill effects to their brains, solely a case of noserfatuism (and rape, lest we forget), but now, this one girl gets into one loses two years of her life in about three minutes. If we extrapolate that out, our stunning protagonist has been braindead since long before the writers thought up this stunning twist. Not too much else interesting happened in the episode besides that little closed loop of stupidity that will no doubt be forgotten again in a week’s time. One of the antagonists got to kiss a boy, and they blew up whatever they were trying to blow up. I’m not even certain I remember what it was or why, only I’m blaming my apathy towards the plot for that, not magical memory particles.

Next Episode:


They open up the cockpit and find either a corpse or a vegetable.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chevalier says:

    ” If we extrapolate that out, our stunning protagonist has been braindead since long before the writers thought up this stunning twist.”

    Haruto doesn’t have his limiter broken.


    • Goldys says:

      This very much, are you even paying attention at this point? I can understand if you’re not, but try to atleast watch the episode.

    • eternia says:

      The problem is, what is this limiter and how do we break it? Obviously the author will never explain these. He only thought this up on this episode, after all.

      • Aroduc says:

        It’s like a dongle.

        And instead of limiting anything, it just does whatever you need it to do.

  • flamerounin says:

    wow! ass pull level: VALVRAVE!!

  • algorithm says:

    “They open up the cockpit and find either a corpse or a vegetable.”

    Unbreakable fuck toy.