Valvrave #14 — Parents Just Don’t Understand

October 17th, 2013


If my parents were glowing ghosts with laser eyes, I might be traumatized too.


Come on, Sunrise. This is the boring kind of horrible writing. You can’t go from angsting over rape and murder to angsting over having overbearing parents and not getting into the right school years ago. I can’t even remember if these two being siblings was even brought up before, and it certainly was never a constant source of constant mind ravaging stress attacks. This whole "family" thing rang extraordinarily hollow anyway, even if it wasn’t pulled out of the show’s ass through flashbacks and resolved, all in about a five minute span. What was the lesson there exactly? He should have seen how sad she was that she got caught trying to cheat and made things even worse? Apparently. It’s all his fault for not understanding her feeeeeeelings. Except that even from the start of this episode, he was trying to protect and watch out for her. And this bullied girl with nooooo friends at all featured the entire cast trying to be her friend. So… uh… What the hell are you even doing, Sunrise?

You’d also think if there was you know… anything… let alone a single "ruin the mission and get everyone killed" button, it might behoove the master strategist to warn them about it as well, as the idiots at the control panel to not just press everything that’s blinking that they don’t understand what it does. Thankfully, the enemy was very polite, didn’t feel like sending much of anything to stop them. I don’t think took even a single shot at the giant, defenseless, slowly drifting ship, or any of the mechs grouped together, stationary sitting on top of it. Maybe it can’t see things that aren’t moving.

Next Episode:

Terra firma.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chevalier says:

    Eh, there wasn’t anything “horrible” about this episode, nor should a couple of different characters have the same personal concerns as those treated in previous episodes, but I can sort of understand why you might find it boring.

    I don’t think you know much about the definition of “asspull” either if a flashback about a character’s past counts as one. Especially when it’s clear this girl isn’t normal and has had issues with her brother since last season.

    His previous behavior towards her wasn’t really “protective” in a way that she would appreciate. That’s the difference.

    Btw, the button was actually answering a call. Also, you claim the enemy didn’t try to shoot at them? Must have imagined all those shots during the episode then.

  • algorithm says:

    “rang extraordinarily hollow”

    Is that something new for that show?

  • Embok says:

    I like Akira but this was one of the weakest episodes, yeah. Though you might have been skipping around a bit too much last season if you missed them being siblings, because it did come up several times.

  • Anonymous says:

    okuchi manages trainwrecking anime scripts in succession (look back at guilty crown wreckages)