Kill La Kill #05 — Musical Interlude

October 31st, 2013


Why doesn’t anybody know how to conduct?


God, do I hate Mako. If you just cut her out of that scene entirely, it’s so much better. Hell. Let Matoi come to the conclusion that it’s not just a tool on her own instead of a spastic interlude beating you over the head with that message before then going through the same thing anyway, except now instead of being organic to the situation, we had the pause button pressed and a screaming ninny run out and explain it. The quasi-foreshadowing at the start of her starting to get cocky didn’t really work well either. The classic formula is to have the protagonist shrug it off, continue to be cocky, and then learn from their arrogance. Instead, about 10 seconds later, she basically got coldcocked and the whole thing was then forgotten about.

I feel about the same way as this new guy as I do the whole (currently forgotten) dead father motivation. It really doesn’t fit well with just about anything else in the show and fits even worse with all the weird school uniform fetishizing or rambling on about guns that fire special magic needles that do basically whatever needs to be done at the time, from shredding plants, to knocking people out, to just being plain magic. Kind of like Batman’s utility belt, except a gun that fires needles. Besides that and the catchphrase, he seems like he’s in the entirely wrong show, and lacks the flamboyancy (it’s a word now!) or presentation that’d make him work. I think it could also be that about 95% of him in general was either shooting the magic needle gun or dull exposition.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    I had a great time. Until the weekly Mako bullshit scene.

  • tachi says:

    mako seems like the kind of character that gets horribly killed in order to initiate a tone shift somewhere down the line

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    The problem with Mako is that she’s way too much of a motivational speaker because Matoi apparently can’t do those.

    She’s supposed to be over the top, but it just ends up forced.