Infinite Stratos #17 — Now With More Wizards

October 24th, 2013


Just what the show was lacking.


I’m kind of surprised they had the forethought to minimize the tone whiplash between last week’s wacky antics and a pretty much entirely serious, action oriented episode. I’ll even say that the action wasn’t bad at all, although I’m sure that’s likely in large part to the CGI here being significantly better than all the other shows manhandling it this season. There was still one particularly hilariously awful moment where Ichika was stunned motionless in shock (he may have even have been webbed up, I forget), yet there were speedlines going at full tilt for some inexplicable reason. I think somebody got very, very confused.

Less thrilling is them using what basically amounted to magic for a corny CM break cliffhanger. I feel like we jumped a few too many levels going from "can make mechs/pieces of mechs appear out of thin air at will" and "has such fine magical nanomachine control that can form perfectly human clones," not to mention the other ass-pull exploding nano-water later. I still don’t care much for her anyway and am not sure what exactly she’s supposed to bring to the table that isn’t covered by the other nearly ten girls. I guess apparently the answer is wizardry. 

Still the strongest episode of this show’s new season by a large margin though. Let’s see how long it takes to backslide. I’m guessing by the repeated thrusts of his head into boobs in the last couple minutes, the process has already begun.

Next Episode:

Ichika vs naked people.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    It would be hard to do worse than last week.

  • Fate says:

    Go naked people go!

  • elior1 says:

    oh so they will do the fated meeting in the next episode already this should be intresting