Glasses Boo! #01 — “All You Need Is! M-E-G-A-N-E!”

October 6th, 2013


Oh, Deen. Where do you find these people?


This was unexpected. I certainly did not think it’d begin with a sequence of them summoning a gundam, only for it to transform into a pair of glasses and then explode when put on. And god help me, I laughed more than a few times. Particularly to certain background chants. Unfortunately, repetition dealt a few bruises to that one as they came back to it with a disturbing frequency in the first half. It’s a very silly show that’s pure comedy through and through without any significant introduction, exposition, or serious attempts to appeal to filthy things like emotions. Not all the jokes hit, and like always, many are a bit too screamed at the audience, but it doesn’t dwell on them and keeps things moving right along to the next one without slowing down. There are a couple minutes at the end where they forget a lot of this and descend into a group hug of friendship before the mega-glasses explode, but the rest was the kind of pure comedy that Japan doesn’t do nearly enough of. 

However, the budget is kind of poor, though certainly not to the pro-wrassling levels. The director’s certainly giving a damn admirable effort with what he’s got, and providing ample fuel for my continuing belief that Deen should just be sticking to straight-up comedy and parody since they really do seem to have considerable talent for it despite their refusal to do them except once in a blue moon. It is visually busy and engaging, but not much of that is from them actually having any kind of animation muscles to flex.

So I’m pleasantly surprised and it was probably the most (intentionally) funny comedy this season so far. I hope they can stretch out to some things beyond glasses though as I’m not sure how deep that vein can be mined. Lord knows Softenni was hardly about tennis.  

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  • slicendice says:

    “So I’m pleasantly surprised and it was probably the most (intentionally) funny comedy this season so far”
    *chokes* This must be good if this blog actually gave it a little praise.

  • Leah says:

    She! The director is a woman!

  • The Phantom says:

    You seriously liked this?