Freezing #15 — Gym Chocolate

October 18th, 2013


I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING that fell on a gym floor.


Something about this season’s not clicking with me. It’s not relishing in the sex and violence the way that it used to. At the same time, it’s focusing on much more interesting characters and while moving probably a bit slowly for my tastes, is blazing along compared to many of the action shows this season. I think though that it may have lost some of its charm as it’s become a more serious (well, less silly), even, and generally competently put together show, aside from not having people be knifed in the tits every week anymore. They could certainly be doing a better job with the EP’s inferiority complexes causing them to lash out even as they get experimented on and driven further to crazyville, but they’re getting it across without entire speeches about it, so it could certainly be far worse. It’s just kind of boringly on the low end of competent and what is there interesting to say about that?

I remember also saying last season that it didn’t do a lot wrong (or much right), but what it did do wrong it did to hilariously overblown levels. When you cut that, and probably most of that went with Kazuya only getting about 15 seconds of screentime a week, there’s not a lot of bumps left to give the show a lot of character. The roving gangs of bullies that infested the school and hated the protagonists on sight just for being the protagonists were certainly silly, but they kept the breasts fresh and the bloodletting constant, something that this season hasn’t been able to handle. I’m tired of Liz’s nipples randomly floating by in every third scene. Maybe now that one of the Eee-Pees has gone berserk, someone will get knifed, but given the preview for next week I have my doubts.

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