Couldn’t Be a Hero #04 — A Plot Plus B Plot

October 25th, 2013


Apparently equals zero plot.


An episode lending more credance to my theory last week that only the odd numbered episodes have any effort put into them, animation or otherwise. And ye lords, were there some awful shots this week again, especially of Raul. Maybe it’s tradition now. This one featured the ever rare splitting of protagonists to do their own thing in parallel, but instead of an A plot and B plot that would intertwine and/or come together at the end, there was just nothing at all. Phino goes to work at the other place and… uh… does pretty much the same thing she was doing before, but in a different uniform. And Raul spends the first part of his day being bored and the rest staring at his coworker’s tits and ass, in the same uniform. Emphasis is to make things seem more exciting, because the whole thing was just boring as damn snot. Thinking to yourself "Boy, them’s some nice boobs" isn’t a joke, and yet they apparently could not think of anything else to fill the time.

The high point was likely the OP, and i can’t even remember if it having corny dancing animation was new as of this week or not. I’ll assume yes, just to make this episode seem like slightly less of a massive waste of my time.  


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