Sundae Without Nuts #10 — Back to School… Again

September 7th, 2013


I don’t think the parents of America would approve of this episode.


Boy, would this episode raise some hackles stateside. For nothing either really, as the scene’s more just strange than… shocking, I guess is what they were going for? I’m not sure what else you could call a protagonist bloodily shooting up a school for giggles. It’d have to not be so damn boring before I get anywhere close to either offended or disturbed by it though. Aaaand as I must repeat like a broken record, I liked this show more way back in the first arc when it wasn’t using magic like a convenient sledgehammer. Christ. People can’t go ten feet without tripping over some city where the laws of time and space no longer apply in some random new way. Well, and Alis continues to be about as interesting as mold, so a whole arc about him! What joy!

Anyway, obviously an arc continuing to show how pointless Yuri and Scar are centering around Alis and Dee, featuring once again, the awesome advent of Ai going to school with them, something that worked out so well the last time that we might as well just do it again. But this time, they’ll talk about what they’re going to eat! Well forget all I said. Christmas has come early after all. I think they also ran out of money this episode since it was more full of awkward stills than usual, making it even easier to zone out when Alis started droning on in exciting, exciting exposition over pans of roofs. Storytelling!

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