Rozen Maiden Zurückstufen #11 — Stare At That Clock

September 12th, 2013


Luckily, I’ve long since given up caring and exist purely on sarcasm here.


Yeah, yeah. I know I missed any kind of filler post. I spent most of the last week (two weeks, really) fiddling with pixels working on basically the entirety of the Seinarukana interface. Now it’s only as misaligned as it originally was. Less, even. Next week however, I’ll be out of town for Aroduc stuff, aka a rare vacation. Everything from Thursday to Monday will be severely delayed if not outright put off for a few days until I get back.

This episode? Pfft. They spent the first 8 minutes staring rock still at the magic-floating-clock-key-space-door, Kirakishou revived just in time to reveal her true weakness, one shared by only very small children and Jun, being spoken crossly at, and was summarily dispatched again with a few harsh words, and then the true antagonist was revealed, one that would take advantage of their singular weakness, the inability to do anything. That’s right. The passage of time. It was the true enemy all along, and they collapse in despair realizing that time passes, and perhaps all those hours they wasted reading newspapers and children’s stories has damned them all even as they bring their fiercest do-nothing abilities to bear. Actually, that’d be showing a level of cognizance that everyone in this show clearly lacks, so let’s say it’s for listening to the noisy one wail on the ground about Sousei Resetti instead. I know it was paining my ears.

Next Episode:

Yes. The possessed magical doll in possessed magical doll space is surely dead of magic. Let us all mourn her.

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