Rozen Maiden #13 — Guest Starring the Claw

September 26th, 2013


Clearly the highlight of this entire series.


Christ. They couldn’t even end the show with an ending. Why not just flash "PLEASE BUY THE MANGA" on screen for twenty minutes if you’re not even going to try? Deen does realize that the show’s over, right? And now that Jun’s learned… whatever the hell he supposedly learned, the big change is that he… gets hit on by drunk girls and look annoyed by it? He’s doing nothing different. He’s just sitting there and taking it like always. What exactly do they expect him to do to save them anyway? Continue to do nothing? Granted, that is what defeated Kira last time, so maybe it’s a goddamned perfect plan.


Final Thoughts:

The main reason I even bothered to turn it on is simply because Symphogear and KKK air so late in the day. I’m used to my routine. If it had aired half an hour later or Symphogear half an hour earlier, it wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Otherwise, this was a boring uneventful, poorly animated pile of absolutely nothing. I’ve seen people say that this is some kind of character study, but that just begs the question "What character?" He sits around feeling sorry for himself the entire time. Some people talk at him, and then, uh… he feels slightly less sorry for himself? Who knows? He looks morosely depressed the entire time except when being strangled. There’s as much life in his character as in a sack of rocks. I’m not sure there’s even enough there to fill a damn napkin, let alone study. And even if you buy into that, he learns his lesson of engaging more in the world by… not. So whatever the hell it was trying to do or show, it sure as hell didn’t and took forever to get there. The dolls fare little better, maybe even worse since they hit that good ol’ reset on dead characters with a cry of this is for the fans! 

So basically, a show centered around Jun, the weakest part of the entire series, and nothing but Jun, turned out as predictibly awful as you’d expect. It’s just a rehash of what we’ve already seen, but he does and grows even less than in the original series despite taking all the focus away from the titular characters. So congratulations all around for that achievement. Great work, Deen.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    Can’t wait for psgels to rate this 92,67 and praise the animation.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Give Deen some credit – they were able to con someone into airing this series…

    • Gamen says:

      Well, more like conned their sponsors into paying for it to be aired, since anime is typically paid programming: the “production committee” (studios and sponsors) buys airtime and sells merchandise like BDs and figures to make their money back. Which is why SHAFT could and did broadcast episodes of Bakemonogatari unfinished… they’d already paid for the airtime.