Kenichi OVA #04 — Vs the Budget

September 28th, 2013


Shouldn’t someone hit someone?


Apparently I missed this one when it was released, uh… a month ago maybe? Turns out I probably needn’t have bothered. TMS may have been inconsistent when they were in charge of this show, but at least they had high points. Brain’s Base has just been putting less and less effort into these as they’ve gone along. This was embarrassingly poorly made and it certainly doesn’t help when they slow motion to let everyone get a good look at things like eyes moving independently around faces either. I don’t even know what they expect anybody to be excited for in this one. Maybe their plan is to just do only setup, which easy and cheap to animate, and they can’t even really do that well. It also seems to me like it completely defeats the purpose of a special.

But at least they got to imply that the tough independent heroine needs to be protected from being raped by the hapless hero. Er, that’s protected by the hapless hero, not from, although the latter would have probably been more amusing. Nothing quite like being pinned down with the leering, shadowy face of an antagonist making indistinct threats with his junk pressed against her back after copious shots of her tight dress to really work that scene. Or maybe they just felt insecure because from here we move right on to…

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