Gatchaman Crowdssu #09 — Inappropriate Podcasts

September 6th, 2013


It has all the excitement of the State of the Union address, but with naked litt


My favorite part of this episode was how many dislikes the terrorist-in-a-cat-mask’s message on Not-Youtube had. Or maybe it was how many likes it had. Or maybe it was how in the future, instead of text scrolling right to left on Not-NicoNico, it scrolls bottom to top. In giant colored bubbles. That was the final piece of the puzzle that really made this feel like a futuristic world where everybody does everything Habbo Hotel tells them to, with superpowered transforming heroes led by a space vampire fight rubix cubes, and an evil transforming clone can hijack Facebook by dressing slightly less flamboyantly than usual. and take command of its legion of magic golems. That’s how Zuckerberg defeated MySpace after all.

Anyway, I forget my point, but it was probably that the episode was boring and uneventful again. Oh sure, people announced that they were doing things, but it took nearly 15 minutes before the protagonists even left their room, and then they went right back to it to have a podcast. That’s right. The exciting event of this episode was them having a podcast, but since Utsu2 was standing there in her underwear, I’m pretty sure that nobody was paying attention to anything they said anyway. 

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  • Anon says:

    Social Media has become that Important in these Generations Youngsters one? is FaceBook Like or Dislike more Important then having Real Friends?

    Oh, well. It is that Important that they build similar cases in Anime now

    Bully in Social Media…