Club Tales of Going Home #08 — Wherein They Go Home

September 5th, 2013


Shocking twist!


After last week’s hiccup into something vaguely amusing from at least some angle, it’s right back to pawing clumsily at low hanging fruit, mostly centering around the noisy one’s brother/room, featuring such great jokes as "Have you noticed her ahoge?" or "When I cut it off, it just comes back!" I know. It’s the very height of humor that shows certainly haven’t already done to death already. I’m also not certain, but the art seemed a lot worse than usual, especially at the start. It’s always held ambitions to someday make it to average in that department, but it’s not usually that gimpy.

Maybe Takato yesterday just wore me out on being shouted at. Ye lords though. The kind of thing they spent the last third of the show explictly pointing out at length is the kind of thing that Pani Poni Dash just did in the background and/or as a way of abusing Himeko. I guess the noisy one’s brother takes the award for most pointless part of the episode though. There was just nothing there at all. Botan didn’t even fight the stuffed bear either.

Next Episode:

A mushroom.

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  • icymirage says:

    Servant x Service is becoming the better Thurs comedy offering.