Sunday Without God #06 — Les Têtes Parlantes

August 10th, 2013


Boy, was that boring.


Same issues as before, and really this entire relatively poor arc, although this week, Ai was firmly in the excessively philosophical role. Probably because the entire episode was just philosophizing. So much so that they spent about three minutes doing it in an alternate dimension fueled LSD. I think someone realized that the entire episode had just been talking heads and the indoors backgrounds hadn’t provided them enough opportunities to use all the bloom they’d been saving up in one great glittery ejaculation all over the screen.

Anyway, Ai arrives in her attempt to save the princess, sees the truth, does nothing, continues to do nothing, does some more nothing, and then having done nothing, leaves with someone else’s baby. Protagonist means chief actor, guys. How about some actions? Walking from one scene to the next to listen to people talk is not doing something. The protagonist should not be extraneous window dressing. Also, Scar had her pregnancy sickness because… there was a sealed sleeping magical witch baby that then woke up when she touched it? And then they just let them drive off with it while a guy and a ghost watch them go. Which means bath episode next week. Why no, I do not think the plotting in this show is particularly strong. But it was right about at the LSD sparklies that I think they lost their grip on this episode entirely. 

Next Episode:

Bath time.

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  • Fate says:

    This arc was not so great. The first one was pretty good though.

  • Anonymous says:

    “If you’re reading this, then I’ve forgotten to change the template.”

    More like you forgot to comment on the preview.