Sundae Without God #05 — Pourquoi s’est il trompé?

August 3rd, 2013


Because you can’t keep a consistent tone and your lead’s special power is "being talked at."

Belated Edit: I’m done with Fantasista. And luckily, it’s off next week anyway. Very briefly flipped through this week’s episode and it was back to 100% cheap and boring instead of last week’s brief blip upward.


Yes, I understand that Ai is a child and with it comes a certain amount of stupidity in general, but they don’t get it both ways. She can’t be the philosophical earpiece that everybody preaches at, sitting there patiently and absorbing it all like a sponge while simultaneously being completely oblivious and blurting out everything that comes to mind the moment philosophy time is over and it’s time to be ‘cute’ instead. Way too much of the show is sitting on her shoulders, and especially since the main thing she does is simply move from one place to the next and by sheer force of presence, have more information dumped out to ‘advance,’ things.

Really a pretty uneventful episode though. A little more on the city presented in oh so exciting info dump fashion and Ai hung out with the princess, who despite the bondage mask, is a cutesy girl just like her! The entire middle was also a tad bizarre. Filled with squealing over how cute Ai is and even Yuri’s only contribution to the episode being basically comic relief. Whilst in a city of DEATH with a gigantic graveyard of people like them which they’re visiting just because. Even Scar’s illness wasn’t really for anything. Is it even part of this arc?

Next Episode:

Off to save the princess.

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  • algorithm says:

    Va savoir.

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    Trait d’union entre le verbe et le pronom lorsque ce dernier suit le verbe, je t’en prie.