Stories of the Journey Home #06 — High School Students of Despair

August 15th, 2013


And musical chairs.

All the TBS/MBS broadcasts today were pushed back more than an hour due to the Moscow World Championship thing. Rozen and Sympho already air somewhat late, so it may be a little while longer than usual for them to pop, even taking the delayed broadcast into account, although Sympho does air on another station on 30 minutes later than the originally schedule broadcast and half the time comes through Chinese Not-Crunchyroll anyway so… And this would have made a little more sense had this show popped up quickly like it usually does. Anywho, this show’s once again off next week, because why not? Back again the week after on the 29th.


Another somewhat frustrating episode that keeps verging right on the edge of actually being parody but doesn’t take it anywhere near far enough, just kind of emulating with its own characters and calling it a day. It’s really almost kind of bizarre how they have no problems letting Botan do all kinds of super human things for laughs and/or fight bears, but everyone else is firmly and boringly entrenched in boring reality and shies away from overplaying anything. It hurt the most in the middle Musical Chairs of Death portion. They could’ve really gone all out there, but instead just played some ‘spooky’ music. They seemed to sort of understand that with the ‘corpse’ of Whose-Her-Face constantly getting up to take away chairs, but that was pretty much it.

After all the game stuff in the first two thirds, they apparently decided that for the remaining third of the episode, they’d pull some random people off the streets and ask them to voice characters talking about the main cast. I think I was too focused on how horrible and unanimated that entire section was. Ye lords, that was embarrassingly bad in a show that already has pretty poor voice acting to begin with. 


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