Somethings of the Going Somewhere Club #07 — Making Translators Cry

August 29th, 2013


Ru ru ru ru ru ru ru ru.


Well, actually, I think most translators, especially anime, just throw up their hands and cover the screen in translation notes. This episode was kind of fascinating from a translation perspective though, kind of like the demonic hellspawn of a drunken union between shiritori and Calvinball. Although if you strip out that, probably around a third of the episode was just rule lawyering and yelling random words. I think I consider that a step up for the show though. It kept me more engaged than it usually does at least. That’s something to sort of celebrate, I guess.

Well, the first 16 minutes were. The remaining birthday stuff (well, more like ‘party’ and ‘surprise’) was more of the usual pretty dumb nothingness, not creative or well-delivered enough to be particularly effective in the humor department. It basically failed the "Does It Have Botan Fighting a Bear?" test badly, especially after a stronger than usual first two thirds. Which still, admittedly, isn’t that strong and I doubt will fare better in the form of subtitles, but anyway. And the chibi post-ED stuff was the usual chibi post-ED stuff. They should just replace any part of the show focusing on the shouty one with those things.


Next Episode:


Closeups of legs.

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