Rozen Maiden Zurückgeschrieben #07 — “Parmanent Fatal Errors”

August 15th, 2013


Please stop. Please?


I think that somewhere, deep inside themselves, Deen realized how terrible this episode was. Last week, they advertised Kanaria appearing as part of the preview for this episode, and if that wasn’t already reason enough to groan and flee in terror, that’s how this episode ended, with her appearing. That’s just adding insult to injury, and yet another episode about how pathetic Jun is, now with extra Jun, is pouring salt in the wound and calling my mother fat.

So yeah. Yet another episode of looking at people reading books, newspapers, e-mail, and web pages along with recycled flashbacks continuing to drive home that Jun is pathetic, just in case you’ve spent the last 6 weeks in a coma, have never heard of the show before, and accidentally turned it on expecting Columbo. If you want to call the ‘real’ Jun showing up in the last four minutes or so to monologue at the screen as he reads his e-mail as ‘something happening,’ I suppose that’s your prerogative. Mostly, he just annoyed me by not cleaning up his Subject Line. Goddamned barbarian.

Next Episode:

More goddamned Jun.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    So… when are you about to snap?

    Or have you already? With you, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    “More goddamned Jun.”

    Huh? You thought, perhaps, that this series was about magical dolls or something like that?

    Bad viewer, Bad! Watch your Jun Show and be glad that it takes the time out of your life as it exposes you to melodrama week after week…

    (One idly wonders what it would take to get Go Negai out of retirement and get him to start creating anime again…)