Momo Taro #05 — The Empire Strikes Back

August 8th, 2013


Why wasn’t anybody Dorth Veder?


I would have watched an entire episode parody of vaguely lesbian Momotaro Star Wars. Frankly, I don’t see why they didn’t do that. It’s not like they could be aware of the bazillion US parodies in the same vein.

Yeah, I get that the whole Demon Lord thing, or maou if you insist on being that guy, is a bit more memetic in Japanese culture than over here in the US, but practically an entire episode centering around it seems like something that came about 10 years too late to be relevant. It’s like zombie stuff in the US. It’s been done seriously, comedically, boringly, etc in a billion ways already in every form of media one can imagine except perhaps the Virtual Boy. Especially when they started the parodies around the halfway or so mark… too many of those are things that basically are played more or less straight elsewhere so instead of being jokes, they were just depressing… like for the content of that part, the script writers just hit Random on some anime list and put in whatever they saw. Somehow, they ended up with Star Wars too. It’s probably best not to think too hard about the writing process. 

Fun fact though. I first learned of the two axes fable playing Dark Wizard on the Sega Saturn and every time it comes up, I think of that game. That hilariously awful bugged-as-hell nonsensical game. Perhaps the way it wetted itself was part of its charm though.


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Dangerous toys.

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  • anise_punter says:

    Just do the whole show as chibis plz.