Daybreak Illusion #09 — Subtle Symbolism

August 31st, 2013


They’re vaginas. A field of vaginas.


Pretty much another waste of an episode aside from the last 30 seconds or so. Essentially 20 straight minutes of Luna feeling sorry for herself and going to Flashbackville, not even really triggered by Ginka’s death either. It’s a little late to still be layering on bad character background in the form of massive flashbacks. I did enjoy the hilariously awful closeups of lilies when Not-Akari was trying to seduce her, and do quite like the idea of them jumping into bed together in some kind of horribly damaged sexual relationship as a coping mechanism, letting them grow unhealthily attached to each other and would have given the whole Shadow Clone stuff a lot more weight, but like practically everything in this show, that’s an interesting idea with zero to awful execution. And probably should have come about five or six episodes sooner too.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Everything is going as I have forseen… Soon all the Jedi will be corrupted to the Dark Side!

  • Kitsu says:

    It´s not Symbolism, you are who have dirty mind

  • algorithm says:

    Suffering makes everything better.

  • OverMaster says:


    • Kitsu says:

      ”Look Loow My Comment is Superior because I wrote in Big letter”

      • OverMaster says:

        My point.

        Your head.

        • Kitsu says:

          My Argument

          Your Argument

        • OverMaster says:

          Considering my argument was ‘the show is trying so hard it might as well be screaming in all caps’, no, your argument is completely missing the point. Of course I know writing in all caps is lame! That’s why I say the show is doing the equivalent of it! Was that clear enough for you, or do I need start explaining it with puppets?

  • Ayu says:

    who’s the guy with blue hair and blue eyes?