Blood Lad #08 — Rap Aquaman

August 25th, 2013


Now with the power of alyrical nonsense.

I may have slept an extra 3 hours after my alarm went off this morning. Oh well.


Better than the last few episodes, although I’m kind of scratching my head over what the hell the half was all about, Rap Aquaman in particular, but mostly Liz. They just spent half an episode trying to set up her bonding with Fuyumi only for her to… just kind of disappear completely this episode. The whole Bell vs Hydra thing was also a bit silly for multiple reasons. Both were playing the "I’m invincible. You can’t win," card a bit too heavily. Neither was obviously going to do any real harm to each other, but there are still ways to make the fight a bit more interesting without resorting to "My attack worked… but it did nothing!" the entire time right up until it was time to abandon even the thin action to get back to comedy. Well. When it wasn’t overexplaining its averagish jokes to death again.

Anyway, turns out the Hydra family’s the one who snatched Fuyumi, and after a little spat between Hydra and Staz, featuring moments where I think the artists were simply terrified of drawing Bell’s naked butt so they did as poor a job as possible on it, it’s off to go rescue her for realsie reals while Bell nurses the blooming girl feelings she has. I really hope that nobody’s watching this for the romance, but the writing hasn’t exactly been the show’s strength lately and I have the feeling those last few minutes were just the result of a very jaded person checking off a box saying "All females must be shown to want to bone the protagonist." Well, hoo-bloody-ray. Checkbox ticked. Let’s never speak of it again.

Next Episode:

Hydras and breast accentuating dresses.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • SparkNorkx says:

    Yeah, that random Aqua Man creature was too random and annoying.

  • jingoi says:

    “I really hope that nobody’s watching this for the romance”

    I skim through this for the fanservice, I don’t like waifu-chan and twilight-gintoki and I hate this type of romance.

  • Catz says:

    servant x service was more hilarious any time

  • Anon says:

    Oh yes, She was the Only one, that can use this Power.

    Now we have an Onii-san, Mama-san, Dady-san, perhaps an Aunt-san