Blood Lad #07 — “Click Here”

August 18th, 2013


Why would you wear something like that on your chest?


Yawn. The early, quick, wacky episodes seem like they’re so very far away. I think last week’s episode may have also busted the budget (or whatever little piggy bank this show is using for funding) because this was easily the least animated episode of this show so far. Even most of the characters looked either bored or sullen, especially in the second half. Well, besides Fuyumi, who continued to simply appear to be vaguely stoned even while flashing her breasts around, wearing shirts directing people to click them, and climbing into bed with other people. Personal space, Japan.

Yeah, yeah. I get that it was to show them getting close so when Fuyumi disappeared, she has a reason to care, but the problem is that both of them are still about as interesting as watching dried paint get dryer and take to humor like a hippo to ballet. You’re not going to appeal to my emotions show, and it’s frankly a bit embarrassing for both of us when you try.

Next Episode:

Bell’s panties.

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  • icymirage says:

    You’ve just failed the oni-san test.