Blaad #06 — Copyright Friendly Commercial Breaks

August 11th, 2013


And wiry naked boys.


I guess that we’ve completed our evolution from maybe averagish comedy to poor action show. Eesh. I remember when I used to think Fuyumi and her utter lack of a personality was the biggest issue, but if being a bland, generic, excessively talky, power level bit of slop is the alternative, let’s bring her breasts back to the forefront. Perhaps if it had the budget to at least be eye candy, or there was any kind of actual reason to care about the fight that isn’t "just because," or if it was against an actual antagonist instead of "some guy," or this was an entirely different show. Maybe one without an awful flashback ending to this arc that was practically a non-sequitur for all it had to do with everything else.

But alas. Instead, we get a ‘fight’ that primarily consists of dick waving about how strong they are finishing with Staz simply force crushing him. Even Superman generally has to think up some kind of creative way of defeating villains rather than just resorting to "I’m stronger and my power is the powerfullest." Okay, so technically Bell’s the one who beat him by segregating him with her panels, but I’m not sure that’s any kind of improvement after an entire episode and then some of pathetic efforts to make the audience take it seriously, only to let the peanut gallery effortlessly dispose of its duplicate… which hardly even used her power. Or any power really besides being a really good listener. As rare as that is (outside of Japanese action shows), that’s right up there in the super power department with the power to vanquish baked goods.

Next Episode:

Little girls and baths.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    Okay, how many Easter Eggs was hiden here?

    i count 2

    Street Fighter, and “Ghibli Studio”

  • algorithm says:

    Thought you dropped that one.

  • jingoi says:

    last time on “useless waifu-chan!”, 5 mins of waifu-chan!, staz embracing his inner gintoki.