Tales of the Homeward Bound #03 — Embedding Things in the Drywall

July 25th, 2013


Boy. What a refreshing drink of Soda brand soda.


I feel like I should be enjoying this. Leaving aside the obnoxious straight man yelled punchlines, it tries to use its visuals expressively and varies the content of the humor fairly well, and at one point in past, it was about beating up bears, but I’m just having a hard trouble getting into it or doing more than chuckle once or twice an episode. I think it’s the rather poor animation working against the energy the show’s trying to have as well as the particularly well-defined characters. They all have their one or two specific traits, but unlike Joshirkau, GJ Club, GA Art Design, etc, after you get past Sporty/Cute/Loud, there’s very little else to differentiate them which leaves me with an odd feeling a lot of the time that there’s fewer characters in a scene than are actually speaking. It kind of makes me think that the director’s really trying here, something of a rarity in anime, but nobody else is on board.

Hopefully next week’s outdoor episode will fix some of at least the animation stuff.

Next Episode:

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    latest volume of GA Art Design comic came in the mail a couple days ago, <3 that series so much.

  • Eric says:

    The first half of this one was pretty good about the MC not constantly screaming, which made me happy, but then she started yelling again and I was sad. The show worked a lot better when she was doing her straight-man bit in the tired, resigned voice.
    Also, I think you made the right choice in dropping Prisma Illya. Episode 3 had a ton of exposition dumping and the whole thing has been pretty bland so far, which is absurd, because this was a great chance to take a bunch of characters we know from a super serious situation and just really have fun with a silly setting. Instead, it’s being mostly played straight and is practically a copy of Nanoha S1. Also, it’s kind of weird that they made Illya, like, 12, and then have all these lingering shots of the characters nude or fetish-clothed bodies(ep. 3 had school swimsuits and bloomers).

    • icymirage says:

      I felt like I was listening to a laughter track or something – all the characters were overeacting telling me I should laugh here. The jokes weren’t working for me, and I knew at the very beginning of the skit that Botan would carry her up the stairs.

      I watched Illya ep3, and that’s it for me. There’s no story, no action, no humor, and no cuteness. It’s like they somehow turned an action show into slice of life.