Sunday Without God #04 — Terror of Two-Face!

July 27th, 2013


Apparently it’s just a DC kind of day.


Not the most exciting episode, although that’s probably because the first half almost entirely took place in a van with the most exciting things being the numerous CGI pans over scenery, and then there was further van tooling around later too. It is a little weird how quickly everyone’s gotten over HamHam though. Not that I expected or wanting a long maudling mourning period, but it’s quite a jump from his death to starry eyed declarations that they’re going to save the world. The newbie they introduced in the first half was also about as interesting as a damp rag without any of the interesting stains one might find upon it. Things seemed to sort of pick up a little about halfway when they got to the city and met the creepy creepy male/female version of Two Face, but then he… she… it vanished out of the episode again almost as quickly as it came. I wonder how it shops for clothing… Half-pantskirts can’t be common. 

About all of the actually relevant stuff seemed to take place in the last few minutes, although even that seemed a bit distracted by showing off Scar’s voluptuous breasts. I think she wears a push up nightshirt. The whole city/festival of masks thing also has a very "been there, done that," feel to it, but that could also just be because all they did was toss it out there in the closing seconds and then end the episode with just "Masks! Check ’em out!" and no real purpose to it. Maybe they’ll get around to that next week. 

Next Episode:

Making friends with the bondage mask.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CTT says:

    Always like that one guy who tries to warn the protagonist, only to be completely ignored because a bag of bricks has more brain cells. Let’s go into the city of the dead, the one that has a graveyard for murdered gravekeepers and a giant ‘Keep out!’ sign for the living. That sounds like such a bloody brilliant idea. And what possible reason could she have for entering and risking the lives of the two people with her? “I want to”

  • The Phantom says:

    I have taken a like to this show, sure its silly, but at least is eventful: they seem to be pacing it fast enough to be interesting.