Hyperdimension Neptunia #01 — The Squawk of the Helium-Filled Female

July 12th, 2013


God, my brain hurts now.


I think I made it around ten minutes before the cloying squeaking made my brain begin to ache. Christ, it’s like someone told them all to speak through their noses and take their voices up half an octave to be as obnoxiously cloying as possible. Most of them don’t talk so much as let out a constant nasally whine, Neptune especially who can’t speak at anything below a shout. It’s not even the normally squeaky Rie. Yes, I get that you want to do different voices for the different forms, but talking normally in the rare form and talking through your nose for the regular one just makes me want to throttle all of you.

And since the ‘fight’ just involved stills, half of them being molested and left drenched in ‘slime,’ I feel comfortable asserting that we’re not taking the high road in any way shape or form. So yes, production’s unsurprisingly unambitious despite its overtures of fighting dragons. It could have tried to paper over things by at least being hooking with the plot, but that doesn’t go anywhere either besides "Yay friends! We’re all such friends! Friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends!" At best, it brought back already unpleasant memories of my brief flirtation with the games, but I’m not sure if lacking the break for the horrible gameplay improved things or not. Wear earplugs.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gil says:

    It’s Rei!

  • slicendice says:

    Hey ya’ll, comence the gigglin’!

  • jingoi says:

    This looks like the love child of armored angels and date a live. Those suck so this……

    • Wilfriback says:

      At least Bushou Shinki worked as the SoL it was.

      At least DAL’s fighting animation was solid and the Tsunako’s designs/animation too.

      This one looks like crap. And the Seiyuus are earbleeding.

      • algorithm says:

        DAL’s budget was deader than dead during the Kurumi arc. Guess they expected Kurumi to make up for production issues.

  • The Phantom says:

    OK, this was a bad idea, I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this may be a good show. Anyway this absolutely lackluster.

    So I guess I am down to two shows, 999 clone, and bakemonogatari, perhaps will watch railgun I dunno…

  • Speedyshadow says:

    Considering the game’s review called it crap, I dunno how they thought this was going to work well. However, I only know about what we westerners thought of the game. Therefore, Japan must have loved this game.