Gatchaman Crowdssu #01 — Booklust

July 12th, 2013


 We sure like our insert songs here despite very little happening.

Sorry this is a little delayed. Broadcast was pushed back half an hour into a time when I had somewhere I needed to be.


This show did practically the impossible and has possibly the most braindead lead of the season, although Milky Holmes might still give it a run for its money if the cast takes another hit there like they did between seasons 1 and 2. I find it hard even making a rape joke about her getting sucked into the cap of a giant black vampire, him groping at her giant breasts until she orgasms light since her take from before orgasm was "Are we playing hide and seek?" and after was "Can I keep this notebook?" And this came after she was practically masturbating in the middle of a classroom over getting a new notebook. At least we weren’t subjected to an internal monologue of hers. Or maybe we were and there’s just nothing going on in her head. Every now and then, she did feel the need to declare out loud things like "Is this the entrance" while standing at a door or "We’re underground?" while in an elevator going underground. Then again, that may put her situational awareness slightly above the lead from Silver Spoon. And yet somehow took the massive expositional and nonsense dump in the middle without any issues. Japan’s need to have separate magical spaces where regular people see nothing is also beginning to approach a disturbing obsession.

I’m not sold on the art style. The eyes creep me out for one, as do the lumpy faces which warp and morph about. The CG, as always, doesn’t mesh well either. The animation’s sufficient for the most part, but I expect a lot more from a super hero action show, especially if they’re going to abuse CG for the parts that require actual effort. Nor am I impressed by "The enemy’s this bus! And now I’ll stab it! To an insert song!" Or the weird cutaway as Generic Male Lead was fighting into Disco Space as if his suit was making him trip the hell out. They better be jumping up to real fights quickly too instead of those ugly blocks. For as utterly stupid as Hajime is, she’s hard to dislike too much since she’s at least enthusiastic about it all and does shut up for long periods, letting me drift into a pleasant haze while I ignore the info dumping. Or perhaps it’s just that the shrieking mascot character is that much more annoying.

I’m not sold on it, and especially not the approximately eight straight minutes of exposition in the middle, but there were a few glimmers here and there. Hopefully they can make Hajime a little less of a blathering moron. I’m not really crossing my fingers, but it’s not like there’s much else that doesn’t make my brain want to crawl out my ears and commit suicide on Fridays.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Flood says:

    Admittedly, I kind of like the art style. I’m not into Casper the panda ghost, but the art and lighting aren’t all the bad… though the lighting is still flat. Geez. One fucking omni-directional florescent light to rule them all.

    Come on Japan…how hard can proper lighting be? Basic shit.

  • Giuvigiuvio says:

    “At least we weren’t subjected to an internal monologue of hers. Or maybe we were and there’s just nothing going on in her head.”


  • tylovetx says:

    Wow, is there anything you DON’T hate?

    • Anonymous says:

      He apparently likes some shows. Just nothing current. Ever. Maybe Symphogear though.

  • shadow says:

    is the saint seiya omega for gatchaman

    • Toto says:

      No, because unlike with Omega, this has nothing to do with the show it’s allegedly reviving other than some names and a catchphrase.

  • jingoi says:

    MC girl reminds me of penguindrum’s Ringo.

  • Leah says:

    I liked Paiman. But then again, I have a weakness for non-human mascot characters that seem to have a brain instead of just being the cute “transformation helper”.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I just realized from the screen caps that Hajime’s bust went down about 4 cup sizes during her transformation… Just think – if it had gone up 4 cup sizes she wouldn’t have needed the scissors and could have bludgeoned the alien to death a la Chesty Morgan in her old spy film (what the hell was the name of that film?)…

  • Anonymous says:

    What the fuck they do to an awesome 1970’s anime?