Ecstatic Family #01 — “Be Interesting, Racoon Dog. So Good.”

July 7th, 2013


Is that a statement of hope or a subliminal message?


I feel like I’m more bothered by their blocky ears than I probably should be. Once again, we have that flat art style where anything that moves has next to no detail while all background material has been meticulously drawn (traced far more likely). You can see every individual vent on a fan 40 feet in the background, and the ear taking up 10% of the screen in facial closeups is a blob that can be replicated with five secons in MS Paint. It looks especially ridiculous when they add earrings or sweat drops.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very interesting or eventful episode. At least the lead, ambivilent to the niceties of gender norms as he may be, wasn’t too bad considering it never left him. He didn’t even scream or have an aneurysm when kissed on the mouth and he smokes, so clearly this is a very mature show for very mature people. It’s just not clear to me as to what the draw of the show is supposed to be from this episode or where the story’s going from here, which is not where a show should be after its first episode. I’m no further than I was just reading the blurb before the show even began. Things don’t need to start with explosions and fight scenes, but there should at least be purpose and some kind of driving element introduced. Or a lot more comedy if that’s what this is meant to be. Not just some man-racoon-dog faffing around the city for 20 minutes in girl’s clothing.

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So good, racoon dogs.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonon says:

    Pretty sure you can’t show minors drinking and smoking on shows aimed at kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who says he’s a minor? He’s just disguised as a schoolgirl. Even his male form is a disguise, since he’s a raccoon dog.

  • ark noir says:

    I read Aroduc’s blog because he’s a cyncial bugger plus his sarcasm gets misconstrued then analysed far too much in fan comments.

    Shikamaru smoked like a wigwam in Naruto anime.That’s aimed at kids and middle aged men who still watch Saiyūki(what a theme tune eh?).

  • Wilfriback says:

    This show has left me in dispair….