Blood Lad #02 — Legendary Leopard Briefs

July 14th, 2013




Tits A’s attempts to develop a personality in the first half were less then convincing and the drastic shift in tone for her ghost crisis around nine minutes in didn’t fit at all. At least, all things considered, it was relatively brief and there were a few eventual attempts to bring it back to the humor, but the scene was still a spastic with its tone. The first half was kind of weak on the comedy side all around, although there is some amusement to be had from a vampire spraying humans like they’re misbehaving cats. I can’t help but think though that actually taking it in that direction instead of mind control would have been a whole lot funnier.

The second half was concerned with the introduction of Tits B Bell, who immediately cemented her point by the first shot of her being her bouncing on a bed, boobs flailing. At least she was competent as well, a trait I like in pretty much all of the non-ghost characters of the show. They could cut down on the exposition a bit to make things flow better. Staz just backhanding the guy would have been a lot more badass than freezing him, him declaring he was frozen, explaining that he’s frozen, then backhanding him. It still wasn’t a particularly good episode. It doesn’t really excel at anything, and the humor in particular needs to be both snappier and wittier and it should probably stop trying to make me feel anything for Tits A, but at least it’s actually going somewhere with characters I mostly don’t mind at all.  

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  • nightshadow2239 says:

    Whats with the rapid transformation of hair color?

  • jingoi says:

    hey waifu I’m gonna save you then kill you then not kill you because you’re my waifu!