Samurai Bride #11 — Hadouken!

June 14th, 2013


I don’t even know what the point of that was.


As a thought exercise, I spent a few moments trying to think about how this could continue the inappropriateness trend from yesterday. Sadly, I did not come up with Gisen’s eye of deus ex machina or Muneakira shooting hadoukens. Seriously, Gisen just jumps into Charlie jobbing again, pulls off her eyepatch, and every flees in a flash of light. I probably could have come up with the giant evil samurai that eats all the dark samurai if I had tried, although I’m not really sure anybody can say that’s horribly surprising either. I think that was the last boss of at least two Ikki Tousens.

 But anyway, the first half was the traditional expositional horse pizzle that this series has devolved into lately. In one ear, out the other. Airing before I wake up (or after I’ve eaten for the evening and settled back into my nest) usually works well for these shows. I’m either groggy or fed and I can just stare at the show’s assets in a drowsy haze. Not so much when it’s just boring as sin exposition with no… assets. The second half was better, if utterly nonsensical, Muneakira’s aforementioned hadouken being the height of it. The fighting was also still nothing to write home about. I know you can animate action, Arms. I’ve seen you do it before. Hell, I’ve seen those promos for some upcoming Queen’s Blade OVA and you put some damned effort and talent into them. Why can’t you do it here?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    I hope it ends next week. I’m sure you do too.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Guess I’m the only one who think that Gisen’s a Mary Sue.

    A slutty Mary Sue. I still don’t believe her serious act after having no development whatsoever. Just NO.

  • Dr. Dust Cell says:

    I still want a Vita or PS3 game out of this.