Deito A Raibu #11 — Military Zapped Ultimate Grind Instrument

June 8th, 2013


Yeah. That doesn’t sound dirty.


Boy. We’re just at the time of the season when everything needs to start off with flashbacks and being saaaaaaad, aren’t we? And here I was expecting… perhaps even hoping… that we’d just leap straight to the bikinis. It does get there, complete with samba, after some flashback faffing about, although as far as swimsuits go, that was about as unambitious as it gets. All hail Japan’s absolutely wonderful penchant for having someone scream out what you’re looking at and why it’s supposedly attractive. The insert song also deserves special note, because they played the entire goddamned thing. Four minutes seems like so short a time, yet is so long to be forced to listen to a chirpy nasally background song.

Anyway, fairly bland Kotori episode that went absolutely nowhere, so the plan here was clearly to continue Operation Stretch This Out to The End of the Budgeted Episodes While Desperately Searching For More Animation Budget in The Couch Cushions. And what is there to say about an episode containing absolutely nothing? "That still that had a girl placidly smiling for the camera sitting still in the middle of a water slide showed a remarkable disregard for water sliding safety?" Let’s go with that. They did a better job showing how close the two of them were in the opening minutes of the first episode than they did anywhere here. Possibly because I wasn’t being bludgeoned in the face with it like a sock full of pennies. Perhaps in the future we can have them interact instead of suffering PTSD from watching tape reels and complimenting their choice in boring swimwear.

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