Samurai Bride #09 — Wherein Sen Finally Gets Raped

May 31st, 2013


Because that’s always good for the bottom line.


I don’t consider myself anything of a kiss sommelier, but if Campione’s hypersexualized tongueplay was the fruity bouquet of a well-aged perignon, the fake kiss between Matabe and Hanzou was vinegar. Ye lord, it was the teaser image after the OP and I thought for a moment that one of them was a joke scene between Muneakira and Sen’s brother. I would have also put money on them having already gone through this crap with both of them in the first season. Hell, maybe even this season. Shows how much I remember. But regardless some bloody twenty episodes in and after already a half dozen spazzing episodes over kissing him, is yet another drawn out one really the best you can come up with? And for a character that, in case you forgot, used to lick Sen just for something to do? At least Hanzou looked ten times better in her alternative costume, whereas Matabe’s just opened up the armpits.

But let’s move on to Sen being face raped for about a third of the episode. How about that, eh? I think the ‘best’ part may have been the start when Muneakira just stood there rooted to the spot yelling names while Matabe explained that trying to do anything was useless. Was she worried that he might stop yelling impotently? Because let me tell you, sister, not one thing in this show so far has indicated that you’re in any danger there. Least of all the budget, which was particularly low this week.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • someone says:

    Oookay, so who’s the new master samurai that’s supposed to be mentioned in the episode title?

    • someone says:

      both of them….hanzo and matebei(was pretty much hinted in the preview but still)

  • algorithm says:

    And this is why Kanetsugu is saving this show.