Devil Survivor 2 #07 — The World’s Most Boring Men

May 16th, 2013


Good god. Do something.

Damn, I’m quick under pressure.


Japan, I know how much you love the cliche of the extra powerful guy looking bored to be in your shows, but you’ve got to understand that when you’ve got one character looking bored while the entire rest of the cast is staring slackjawed, rooted in place, for minutes on end, rambling on at each other, that’s not the most exciting thing. Conveying (not even particularly required) information does not need to be this dull. Good god. There was someone standing in the middle of a fire for the entire first half of the episode and he was as slack jawed and rooted to the spot as every single other character.

And then? Flashback to the two white haired bishies du jour rooted in place for further exposition, then some talking heads, exposition, and yet more talking heads. Is this really the most interesting way you could think of to handle this? Or was this just one of those episode animated by three interns over the weekend so all we could afford was some generic fire effects in terms of animation? That would also explain the very bad very half-assed joke scenes toward the end too. What it basically boils down to for this episode though is what happened was: "People told people things." The end. I think the most insulting part of this whole boring affair was how the credits started in the middle of exposition. As if the episode wasn’t dull enough to begin with, it got to be an extra couple minutes of being dull on top of it. When it’s clear that the sundae is made of grit and sand, it doesn’t help to spoon out an extra helping of grit.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    You do something

  • Anonymous says:

    This shit is already beyond salvation.

    As if the OP was not gay enough with the singer trying to effeminate his voice as much as he can, and the MC voiced by that fagget dude who voiced the fagget Araragi, now we have to deal with Alcor-of-the-sublime-eyelashes. It’s like the dream of an average jap man is to become a purrty futanari woman or something… disgusting.

  • cult says:

    And why you’re still watching this boring anime is beyond me. Not to mention that you still managed to complain every week, no less. I say: drop this and get a life or watch better series.

    • Killer Queen says:

      Or better yet, just play Devil Survivor. Both of them. And forget that the anime is even a thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        The game sux, not as bad as the anime, but still sux. Don’t give out strange advices, bro.

  • angstiest bunny says:

    i think the matters is the consistency for the preview though. i wonder if nicaea site is down at the moment? hmm