Date or Alive #09 — Send in the Clones

May 25th, 2013


Timecop’s writers would not approve.


…Wasn’t the entire clearing covered in the blood of her victims? Did they forget about that, or would it have simply been inconvenient and perhaps even undermine Spazmo screaming about how there was no reason to kill her and then getting angsty over it? Back in my day, being an immortal mass murderer was reason enough. I really do think that they tried to use the week break between episodes and hope that everyone just forgot about it. Your Jedi mind tricks do not work on me. Even if they hadn’t, you don’t get to try to shock people with massacres and then turn around with "Poor girl" not sixty seconds later by episode run time. There’s nothing wrong with an unsympathetic villain, guys. Please stop trying to go both ways and just commit.

Anywho, this whole arc remains too slow and over-expositional to bear much weight and they probably need to stop having ‘cliffhangers’ of Kurumi having her ass handed to her, even if this one was just in potentia. The next episode preview of mostly recovery shots does not excite me that they will be spending a significant chunk of it in an exciting battle though. That rooftop scene was about five minutes longer than it had any business being for how generally inane it was. The animation wasn’t up to snuff for thefight against Mana either. I guess Touka gained a few points this week, but she’s about as relevant to events in progress as a Dutch wife is to the Amazon Basin’s rainfall. Origami continues to be useful for nothing but jobbing to the antagonist. Glad we made sure to include them here.

Next Episode:

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    Next Episode:
    “My little sister can’t be this hax.”

    Kurumi delivered a good time for this episode, I find her arc quit enjoyable.

    Btw, next week just screams curbstomping.

  • algorithm says:

    When a show burn much of its animation budget on episode 1 there’s little hope for the rest. But we’re only here to fap to Kurumi so no big deal.