Obnoxiously Terrible Title #01 — Two Chairs, Empty Room

April 4th, 2013


The more I think about this show, the more fires I want to set.


Oh boy. A show that didn’t begin with CG. Be still my beating heart. No, instead, we begin with antisocial pissant bitch complaining about his life in an internal monologue. Oh, and he’s introduced to the lead female in a convenient flutter of wind and cherry blossoms, which then prompts a flashback and internal monologue introducing her? Followed by more flashbacks and internal blathering? I swear to Flavor Flav, Japan. If it was in my power to fly to your country and slap the knuckles of your writers with a trout every time they put something like this down on paper, I would.

Suffice it to say, it’s exactly what it says on the box. Yet another exceedingly generic, half-assed, poorly produced light novel adaptation about an antisocial guy and his club cum harem of women slobbering over him. Him growling at her about a third into the episode may have been the most creative and interesting thing that the entire episode did. For a moment, I had the hope that a third character showing up would mean they’d do something other than sit in an empty room with their hands in their laps. And so they moved to the home ec room where they cooked skipped over them actually cooking to just stand next to each other. Until it was time for more flashbacks.

So atrocious production, zero direction, whiny obnoxious characters, and not even eventful to try to pretend otherwise. I guess the music’s kind of soothing, but that’s it. This show makes me want to set fires just on the off chance that the creators could be in some way negatively affected by it.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • tokwa says:

    This isn’t generic at all. Maybe the archtypes, but they tend to think outside the box.

  • anise_punter says:

    I find it very hard to believe this is the first show you’ve ever tagged “bad romcom”.

    • Aroduc says:

      It’s the first one that blatantly identifies itself as one.

      With a little bit of creative translation between “wrong/mistaken” and “bad.”

  • Afrosquirrel says:

    Blogging these initial episodes of terrible shows for our sakes…

    You are a hero, Aroduc.

  • Gorilla13 says:

    This shit sux dix

    Good thing there are a fair amount of mecha and action shows with a plot that one can take srsly for this season.

  • Goldi says:

    Didn’t think the episode was that bad. Obviously if you don’t enjoy this kinda genre it’s a whole different story. Seeing this kinda MC in an anime is refreshing (for me atleast). And actually first time in a Light Novel adaptation, they actually voiced his thoughts, which is a big part of the novel that usually gets left out. (If you enjoy the MC, these internal monologues and comments he makes can easily be the best part of the whole novel)