Crime Edge #01 — Woman’s Romance Novels

April 3rd, 2013


At least the music was nice.


Oh boy, does this ever know how to start. The very first thing you see is a boxy CG bus, immediately followed by the protagonist monologuing to himself about how he must look like a murderer walking through someone else’s yard while brandishing his CG scissors. And then once discovered, he thankfully takes the time out to directly introduce himself to the audience. Because why bother with events in progress or doing things naturally? I know that I think to myself once a day "I’m Aroduc. Wow! This is my life! I better now summarize my day to any aliens currently reading my thoughts." But hey, at least it sexualizes hair cutting like a bad woman’s romance novel. Pink sparklies, bubbles, heavy breathing, and panting. The only thing that’s missing is describing his scissors as turgid.

Production’s pretty awful for the most part too. Surprisingly competent in the music department though given how awful it is everywhere else. Really surprisingly competent. Good even. However, the direction can’t seem to decide what the tone of the show is and bounces around constantly between awful ‘humor,’ maudlin melodrama, and sexualized barbery. The shakey cam and red overlay to try to create the one scene of tension in the entire affair is just embarrassingly amateurish. The technical production is poor at best anyway. Maybe shaking the camera is all they can afford. The writing… well… let’s just say that it includes a hilarious remark on how this situation is totally not a manga and leave it at that.

So it’s cheap, uneventful, and the protagonist is yet another worthless monologuing prat supported by a lead female who has no personality or reason to exist besides being a hyper sexualized object of devotion to him. Fan-bloody-tastic. At least your standard T&A show doesn’t have the gall to pretend otherwise.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Catz says:

    …and then, for some reason occur senseless murders (?)

  • GF202020 says:

    …but can it fetish-ize hair maintenance more/better then GJ-club?

  • algorithm says:

    Screencaps can’t lie. It’s shit.

  • kaon says:

    thanks you

  • rufe says:

    4 hair fetish shows in 2 seasons?

  • Gorilla13 says:

    Shit sux dix