Arata: The Legend #01 — Mary Sue

April 8th, 2013


Boy, is this protagonist awful.


It did not take long at all for me to begin despising the protagonist. Thanks to exposition from family members, we know that he’s kind, selflessless, and just wants friends, but is bullied for no reason whatsoever! Except maybe being too good at running. There is seriously no other reason given. It’s literally "He is the nicest guy ever, and everyone hates him." I’m guessing that what they decided not to show was him weeping in agony in the middle of the cafeteria over spilling his milk. Or maybe he doesn’t bathe.

What luck then that our Mary Sue would then be transported to a magical world where everyone can realize how super special he truly is. The fantasy world does have a bit more going for it than the laughably godawful beginning, but the production is exceptionally poor, so I hope you love talking heads, because that’s all you’re getting in this tale of super powered people wielding swords of gods. At best, expect some speedlines and awful running animation. I guess if I had to reach for something nice to say, setting aside the abysmal intro and Mary Sue being utterly helpless in both worlds, the story moved at least at a decent clip in the last 15 minutes or so. Presented with all the excitement of spackling a bathroom, sure, but had they put any effort whatsoever into actually animating things or not have had the most blatant insert character I’ve seen in a long while, it could have been interesting enough. Alas.

So, uh, yeah. Mondays are a wreck. Bleh.

Next Episode:

Let’s ditch this halfwit and go back to the guy who was at least semi-okay.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CM says:

    Just like Escaflowne, but awful.

  • Ashlotte says:

    Wow and I thought the bug show was bad! This made that look amazing in comparison…

  • OverMaster says:

    I liked this series better when it was titled El Hazard, and it was good.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am waiting with baited breath for the report of what I should actually watch this season.

  • rufe says:

    Watase Yuu is either quite good or awful. Unfortunately she is often both in the same series, or is just awful the entire time =|

    She is at her best when she takes on serious topics, but then she is often sophomoric or preachy….

    • Gorilla13 says:

      Bitch’s into forced kisses. She acts like she’s a pure maiden but in reality, she’s a sl00t who dreams about rape fantasies. Srsly, it’s not that hard to push away a forceful guy, just kick him in the nuts but the fact that her heroines never do that can only mean that the sl00ts love being dominated.