Young Justice: Invasion #20 — Magical Water Fountain Drones

March 16th, 2013


What’s amazing is that the Earth has gone this long without being destroyed.


Sigh. Really? I mean really? Black Beetle, who once upon a time took out the entire protagonist cast, the only credible threat to anything this show has, is nearly effortlessly taken down by Blue with a pithy speech about friendship before the commercial break whereupon the true evil is planned of… killer drones hiding in public fountains in the capitals of the world. This Earth deserves to be destroyed. Magical Magnetic killer drones causing that can only be stopped with Luthor’s magical viral USB. Which they do rather effortlessly except for one super awesome one. But hey, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that there’s not time for Connor and Hello Megan’s relationship hour! Or other people’s too. Because it was important to know that Cassie was getting some Dick-lite. At least it wasn’t as corny as Auld Lang Syne at the end of the first season

I guess then that just leaves Wally’s ‘death’ as the only thing of real note in the finale. Well, that and the cliffhanger which will of course never be concluded. The Light’s plans from the first season still have yet to really go anywhere, and now they never will. Anyway, back to Wally, somehow "a bolt of magic energy erased a character we’ve largely ignored for the entire season" doesn’t exactly make me feel much of anything except the desire to make Where’s Waldo jokes. I don’t think that’s an emotion though. I’m sure the only reason he’s staying ‘dead’ is because the show was canceled before they could bring him back. Huzzah.

Final Thoughts:

While the first season really came together pretty well toward the end, this one just unraveled as the show floundered without a strong antagonist and increasingly constant ass-pulls to try and deal with all the threads it had dangling. The same problem of the Light steepling their fingers and going "Just as planned" continued through the entire thing, right up to the very damn end too. I really don’t think that the bigger cast helped them either. If they had given characters actual focus when it was their turn for an episode, perhaps the ensemble could’ve worked, but there are far too many characters in there just to be action figures. Cassie, Tim, Barbara, Garth, Guardian, and Karen could have been wiped out of existence and very little of the show would have changed at all, not to mention like… the entirety of the Light.

I’m sure that the constant and abrupt hiatuses didn’t help either. It remained decently animated the whole way through at least, although again, the lack of any real antagonist besides Black Beetle did not help matters, and even he went down like a chump to FRIENDSHIP POWER at the end. Pardon me if I feel a little bitter about that. I don’t even know who the biggest threat after that was. Deathstroke? And he just disappeared off screen. Ugh.

It had a few moments, but the first season was more cohesive, paced and developed better, and just plain better written in general, even with its heavier focus on teenage hormones. I can’t really say that I’ll miss this now that it’s gone either, so… whatever.

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  • Wilfriback says:

    So what happened to Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans?

    • Aroduc says:

      They live on in pog form.

      Also the Teen Titans Go thing that’s replacing this in a month.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    I dare you to blog it. Wait…let me rephrase that…

    WE dare you to blog it.